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Ran our Round Robin wrestling tournament with your software on 12/05/09. I liked the software a lot. All most all of the wrestlers got 5 matches and the software works really slick. I liked this format a lot better than traditional bracket tournaments or Dual Format Tournaments. Thanks for a great product!
Kevin Cathcart, Head Wrestling Coach, Wamego High School - Wamego, Kansas

Mac Users: My school helped me get the Park Enterprises Track Statistics program to work on my Mac! I have a version of Parallels and it works beautifully. I have entered all my athletes and meets. Really excited for the first meet. Thank you again so much, and I would happily recommend you and your company to anyone. 

Kristy Buchman, Tunkhannock Area High School - Tunkhannock, PA

I've used Park Enterprises for all of my basketball statistics. When I changed computers and a new season had started, I was able to upgrade in a matter of minutes. Jerry is great at helping coaches get a quality product that is easy to use. I would not go anywhere else for my software.
Mark Tiby, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Urbandale, Iowa
Executive Secretary, Iowa Girls' Coaches Association

I have been using Park Enterprises lacrosse stats program for 7 years. I recently ran into a hardware problem with my computer. I contacted Jerry Park the owner of Park Enterprises and told him of all my compatibility problems I was having with Vista. Jerry spent numerous hours working the problem thru with me. He was very assessable and was incredibly generous with his time. It is rare to find a business where the owner is as friendly and as concerned about their clients. Park Enterprises and Jerry should be commended not only on a fantastic program, they should be commended on being an owner that really stands by their product.
Thanks again-
Gary Levitan, Plainedge Lacrosse Head Coach – New York

Football Statistics program works like a charm
Pete Hart, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, Chico ISD - Chico, Texas

I recently purchased your wrestling statistics and wrestling practice planner software. Very impressed. 
I could not believe how easy it was to setup my team and 1st meet.
Lawrence W. O’Donnell, Jr. -
20379 Edwards Dr, Easton, KS 66020

This is great, we have been running a round robin wrestling tournament for years with Excel, this will save tons of time, thank you!!!!
Chris Perk, Homer High School - Homer, Alaska   

Subject: Track Program
"I just wanted to let you know that I got the software and used it for my 
meet. It worked great and really helps with organization. I also really 
appreciated you getting it here so quickly using the priority shipping. You 
have been very easy to work with and very helpful. I am having fun playing 
around with the program and hope to enjoy it a lot more."
Jared Barlow, Morgan High School    jbarlow@morgan.k12.ut.us

"I have been using Park Enterprises stat programs for about ten years and I like not only its ease of use but also the finished readable presentation. Park Enterprises programs make it easy for me to send team or individual stats to anyone with an e-mail address including local newspapers. The Park Enterprises Baseball Statistics program has given my guys clear, concise, and most importantly, accurate statistical information. Use is as simple as transferring your hard copy game information to the program and the program does all of the calculations for you. My players love the fact that they can actually see their progress on the easy-to-follow print outs."

Glenn Trotter – New Orleans, Louisiana

"Park Enterprise Track Software: Track Statistics, Track Meet Organizer, and Track Meet Scorer have been tools that we have been extremely pleased with in allowing us to be more efficient with our track program. Also the tech support is outstanding, answering questions about the use of the products."
Dan Keyser, Educator/Coach/Asst. A.D.
Cambridge High School - Cambridge, Nebraska
Phone 308-697-3322, Fax: 308-697-4880  

"This software makes tracking statistics easy as 1,2,3. I don't know where we would be without it. EVERY high school and college in the nation should have a copy."
Bill Murray,  Girls Basketball,  Del Mar High School - San Jose, CA

"I have been using the cross-country and track stats programs since back in the days when we all had McIntosh computers, and have recently updated to PC software. These are the greatest things I have ever seen in the way of track and cross-country statistics packages. They keep track of everything extremely easily, and everything is explained so well that even a computer-illiterate person like me can use them. I've also used the McIntosh version of the basketball stats when I coached basketball with the same results. And the kids and their parents absolutely love the updates and yearend stats that we can provide."
Chuck Godfrey, Head cross-country, girl's track, and indoor track coach
Williamsville South HS - Williamsville, NY

As a head wrestling coach, I use your software for keeping my team's stats and for planning my practices. In addition, we run a 14-16 team tournament using your product as well. All 3 programs are very easy to learn and use. More importantly, they are solid programs that run without any problems. We are a small school and I am the only wrestling coach. Having programs, like yours, makes my life easier and definitely more organized. I recommend your software to anyone who asks.
Dale Hafer, Sandhills High School - Dunning, Nebraska

Dear Jerry:

Thanks so much for your excellent service!
I know that my husband will enjoy working with your stats program.

 Margaret Koike, Salinas, CA

Thanks, Jerry. 

Thank you so much for going the second mile and getting that out to us. It is things like that which go a long ways toward bettering public relations! We would gladly recommend your service.

Debbie Krieger, Columbia City High School - Columbia City, Indiana

Thank you so much for taking time to help me today. I have successfully installed the new program and have entered all of my stats. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help.
Carolyn Stone, Rosehill High School - Derby, Kansas

"The Basketball Practice Planner proved to be an invaluable organizational tool. It saved me time and provided an easy to access, and an easy to read record of our practices. After game nights I found it beneficial to review our practice plans leading up to the games and make notes of changes that would have made us better prepared for the competition." 

Rick Elsasser, Hershey High School - Hershey Nebraska

"I have purchase two programs from park enterprises. Cross-country and basketball. They are very easy to use and allow me to do a variety of things with stats. I have recommended park enterprises to other coaches inside and outside of my building. Great product!"

Coach Brad Montgomery, Southmont High School
Crawfordsville Indiana, Home Of The Mounties

"The software that we ordered is so simple to use and provides great information for our players, parents, media and coaches."
Ryan Lindquist, Conestoga Public Schools, Murray, NE

"I have been using the Basketball Stat program for some time now. I love
it. It's easy to set up as well as fast and problem free."
Jeff Loe,  Social Studies/Girls Basketball, Lincoln High School - Thief River Falls, MN 56701
1-218-681-7432 ext. 133 

"Park Enterprise software has made my life a alot easier. The software is very user friendly at an affordable cost."

Andy Crouch, Head Coach, Lake Linden-Hubbell High School - Lake Linden, MI

"We have used "Wrestling Tournament" for over 10 years and it is a great program." 

Dan Clark, Riverside Military Academy - Gainesville, Georgia

"I used the Park Enterprises Basketball Statistics software for three years as a manager of my high school's basketball team. I was most impressed with how easy it was to use. I had not much experience with statistics when I first started but it did not take long at all to become comfortable with the software. It made it very easy to record and document statistics for both my team and its opponents. These records helped our team prepare for games and I feel that the preparation allowed them to do as well as they did. During the three years I was a manager for the team they were 67-5 and were two-time state finalists. I have also used the LaCrosse Statistics program and I was equally impressed with it. I really do think that Park Enterprises provides software that is easy to use and is an asset to whatever team uses it.

Brian Tuomi, Groton, Massachusetts 

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the assistant athletic director at Greenfield High School. I have used Park Enterprise Stats programs since 1993. I have used Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Softball, Baseball and both Track programs to keep statistics for the school teams. I have found all the programs very easy to install and record all types of information for the student athletes. Since I have been using them the athletes really enjoy and get benefit out of the printed reports. As a coach I have used the information as a learning tool, as a team comparison and as incentives to make them perform better. I have been running large invitations, Jr. and Sr. High Sectionals with the track programs and the opposing coaches are always very thankful to receive results of the meets printed out before they leave. The seeding for the sectionals is the best time saver (no cards) the program does it all. As the person that records all the information in for all the school teams I find the grids that come with the programs extremely helpful when typing the information in. As AD I cannot say enough about how much easier the programs have made my job. I do contracts for games and officials, print game schedules, bus schedules and team roster information. I would strongly recommend buying all the programs and then making yourself use them, you will find the learning time is well worth the time that it takes you to get accustomed to them. I am retiring after 32 years of teaching and coaching and all the other coaches that I do the stats for are more worried about the lost of my doing their stats than anything else. They say I have to come back and still do their stats because they will be lost with out them.
Roberta Trump, Greenfield Jr. & Sr. High - Greenfield, IL

"We have purchased several software pieces from Jerry. Everything from stats programs to meet managing programs. They are always user-friendly and Jerry is great about providing technical support whenever the need arises."
Ron Beacom, Archbiship Bergan High School, Fremont, Nebraska.

"Basketball stats program works great. It keeps track of all the information I need and is easy to operative. Thanks."
Bob Roberson, Transportation Supervisor/Girls Basketball Coach 
Greenon Local School District, Springfield, OH
Phone 937.328.5363 - Fax 937.328.0804

"I have been using Park Enterprises software for over 15 years. I have used both their coaching and their administration programs. Can't beat them for price, simplicity, and effectiveness."
Jack Guggenmos, Waverly High School - Waverly NE

"I remember when I first used my stat program (10 yrs ago ?), I had to call Jerry with some questions. He was so helpful. I continued to use the stats program while in Illinois. When I moved to Michigan, I purchased the CD version from Jerry also. Due to a technological glitch in our school system, the program would not run. Jerry and his staff spend much time with me and my tech people to fix the problem. He's personal and helpful and that's good business. Plus the program is great."

Sally Brueck, Waukegan High School - Waukegan, Illinois
1991-2001 Decatur High School - Decatur, Michigan 2003-2004

"Park Enterprises has fantastic service. Two days before our regional cross-country meet we realized that our software was missing. Park Enterprises was able to email me the program so we could run our meet. Then they also mailed me a CD a few days later. They saved the meet. Thanks."
Teresa Moore, Dimond High School - Anchorage, Alaska

"Park Enterprises has been so accommodating with upgrades for me, as I have been a long-time customer. The Volleyball Statistics program is very easy to use."
Lori Trippi-Payne, Batavia High School - Hanover Park, Illinois

"I make a track booklet each season. My athletes look forward to all the results you can get with this great program, Track & Field Statistics from Park Enterprises."
Arnie Falk, Jamestown High School - Jamestown North Dakota

"Your Wrestling Tournament program is incredible, and I have spoken highly of it at each tournament I go to."
Steve Ricard, Benson High School - Benson, Minnesota

"The Park Enterprises software is excellent - very user-friendly and easy to adapt to."
Michael Michoci, A.D., Father Lopez High School - Daytona Beach, Florida

"The programs we have used from Park Enterprises have been a lifesaver. We have used Park products since day one! Mr Park has been available for any questions we have. They are great products that help our athletic department run efficiently!! "
Jim Bayly, Boys & Girls Town High School - Boys Town, Nebraska

"The Baseball/Softball Statistics program is great!"
Bill Fagler, Northeast High School – Lincoln Nebraska

"I have a parent volunteer who is going to enter all of my volleyball stats - Varsity through Frosh and this program works great!! Thanks again!"
Rebecca Rohrbach, Varsity Volleyball Coach, Columbian High School - Tiffin, Ohio

The Track Meet Organizer & Scorer 32 software worked great & switching between old and new was very easy and worked well! Our Invitational last Friday went very smoothly! I'm looking forward to using Track & Field Statistics next year. Thank you so much for helping us out & bailing us out last week. You were really a life-saver! 
Take care,
Jenn Thompson, Gifted Enrichment K-12, Coordinator 
Girls Track, Head Coach 
Greenville Area School District - Greenville, PA 16125

"We have used our Football Statistics software from Park Enterprises for two years now. It has become one of the best purchases we have ever made. Our software program has enabled us to keep accurate, up to the minute stats of our players. We have been able to use the results to promote our players to the regional and state media, have them ready for end of season voting and banquet programs, and to update our team on our progress and/or areas we need to work on. Thanks, in part, to Park Enterprises, we were able to win our 1st ever League Championship in 2004, and a berth in the Ohio State Playoffs.
Barry Goettemoeller, Head Football Coach, Carrollton H.S. - Carrollton, OH

"Park Enterprises Volleyball Statistics program is easy to install and use and provides me with the detailed statistics that I need after each game as well as cumulative throughout the season. The technical support service and software updates through the years has been outstanding."
Mary Schropfer, Volleyball Coach, Lincoln Southwest High School - Lincoln, Nebraska

"I use the Park Enterprises cross country statistics and cross country meet scoring program. My athletes are given a personalized printout of their season performances at our team banquet. They seem to appreciate seeing how hard work translates to improved performances. The xc meet scoring program saves time in our fairly large co-ed tri-school meets held after a long day of teaching. The user-friendly format is easy to use even for technology challenged people."
Ron Murray, Boys & Girls Cross Country/Indoor Track Coach
Whitesboro High School - Marcy, New York

"I have been using Park Enterprises products for the past 10 years to do my team's basketball stats and I love it. The key is it is EASY TO USE!!! It takes me less than 10 minutes to enter statistics for one game, which is what I want, quick and to the point! Thanks." 
Jeff Frey, Tonawanda High School - Tonawanda, New York

"We began using the Park Enterprises Double-Elimination Wrestling Tournament program to run the North Carolina High School Regional and State Championship Wrestling Tournaments in February of 2004. The program is very easy to use and allowed our tournaments to run smoothly. Park Enterprises has also been very helpful in customizing the program to meet some of our needs in the North Carolina tournament and we are very pleased with our customized version."
Leigh Hebbard, NCHSAA State Wrestling Tournament Director
Eastern Guilford High School, 415 Peeden Dr, Gibsonville, NC 27249

"I'm a HS Swim Coach that has been using "Swimming Stats" for about 8 years now! It keeps me organized in three ways. First, it helps me organize my swimmers and divers for their next meet's entries as a "line-up" to be posted. Secondly, it helps me keep each team-member's personal stats and rank their performances for the entries into a championship meet. Lastly, it helps with the season's end special awards of "Most Valuable" and "Most Improved." Another bonus is you can give each athlete a season's "personal stats sheet" at their "awards nite"...for their scrap book!" 
Coach Blick, Kingsburg High School - Kingsburg, CA

"I have been using the Park Enterprises Ice Hockey Statistics program for 10 years. It is very user friendly and includes all the stats I care to track including 4 user-programmable stats for players and goalies. If there is a better product out there, I haven't seen it."
Carl Davis, Hockey Coach - Wayzata High School, Plymouth, Minnesota 

"I was probably the first coach in our city to use the Park Enterprises golf stats program quite a few years ago and many teams have followed our example now. The biggest benefit I see is that it keeps my golfers more focused on what they're doing during their rounds. They like to discuss and compare the various stats after each round, not just their total scores. Also at the end of the season, the final stat report lets them know exactly what areas of their game they need to work on. It's a great teaching tool and helps the kids to realize some of the components of the sport, not just their score."
Jim Prag, Chaminade College Prep - St Louis MO

"The programs are very easy to use and the people at Park Enterprises are super to work with. In fact, I have purchased my second edition of the Track Software." 
Dick Mellencamp, Athletic Director, Carrollton High School - Carrollton Missouri

"I have been using the Baseball Statistics program by Park Enterprises for eight years. This program provides all the stats I need for the three teams in our baseball program at Mount Si. It is exactly what I needed, easy to set up, and easy to enter our stats."
Gary McGregor, Mount Si High School - North Bend, Washington

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